How to Determine What Size of Range Your Restaurant Needs

A commercial range is perhaps one of the most important features in your restaurant kitchen, and it may be heavily used throughout your hours of operation. More than that, its features can affect your productivity, and the model you select may also affect your energy costs. If you have decided to make an upgrade or a replacement, you may have already decided to start shopping around for new kitchen equipment for your restaurant to look for a model with suitable features for your needs. While you may be focused on comparing features and shopping around for the best price on your commercial equipment, it is most important to find the right size of range for your needs. These tips will help you to better determine what size of range is best for your restaurant.

Measuring the Dimensions
In some restaurants, the range may float freely in the center of the kitchen, but most kitchens are designed with the range space butted up against a wall. There may be cabinets or other features located immediately next to the range space. With this in mind, you need to measure the dimensions of the space available in your kitchen as a first step. Even when the range floats freely in the center of the kitchen, you need enough space around the range for the flow of traffic. This will help you to eliminate many ranges from consideration.

Thinking About the Hood Space
All commercial ranges are sold with an accompanying hood, and because of this, you need to think about hood space as well when buying a range. Some hoods are sold separately, but many are sold in conjunction with the range. When measuring the dimensions for your range, take time to look upward and measure your hood space.

Focusing on the Location of the Gas Connection
A final important factor to review when shopping for new kitchen equipment for your restaurant is the gas connection. Most commercial ranges use gas as an energy source, and most have a connection for the gas line in the lower rear section of the range. However, there are instances when this is not ideal, and you may need a connection on the left, right or upper section of the range. If you have a unique need for the gas connection, this may be one of the most important factors to initially search for when shopping for a range.

There are several dozen models of ranges that you may be reviewing for your range purchase, but the best range is one that meets your venue’s spatial requirements. By focusing on this point initially, you can trim down your list of possible options considerably. Visit and Food Equipment Inc for more information.