Best Ways To Get Around In Toronto

Toronto is Canada's largest and busiest metropolis, and one of the first things that visitors notice is all of the people transporting themselves across every square inch of the city. Most of Toronto travels with the subway, but other public transportation options include the city bus system and the streetcar. Visitors should not discount the popularity of car rental in Toronto either -- because the city is so sprawling, and features multiple nuclei across the urban area, cars are a handy tool for commuters or vacationers who want to travel quickly and safely through Toronto.

Car Rental in Toronto

Toronto has a massive land mass, and its highway system is noted for being one of the most-traversed in the world. However, car rental services in the city are quick to note that Toronto gas is relatively cheap compared to other eastern Canadian cities, Toronto highways are safe and regularly updated, and many parts of the city are only accessible via automobile. Going from the Beaches to Kensington to Etobicoke would take hours using public transport, but a rented car can cut the time of the trip in half -- at least.

Subway System

Toronto has an excellent subway system by most metrics: the system's ridership has skyrocketed over the past ten years, its new cars are clean and modern, and its railways are relatively safe and free from accidents thanks to detailed safety regulations and highly trained drivers. However, the subway system must cover such a large city that it is really not suitable for downtown transportation. Toronto's subway has much more in common with an urban light rail system in that it likely is more useful to suburban and edge city commuters than downtown dwellers.

Bus and Streetcar System

For every part of town not serviced by the subway, there are streetcars and buses. Streetcars are generally intended for downtown traffic -- if you're eating lunch in Koreatown and you feel like going to a rooftop bar on Queen street, a streetcar is your best friend. On the other hand, buses are intended mostly for long-distance trips out of the city center. Many people who live in the Forest Hill area commute to work or school by bus, mainly because the main north-south Toronto subway line is U-shaped and Forest Hill is in the midst of that U.

There are many methods for people to get around Toronto: car rental, streetcar, bus and subway. Each method has its own shortcomings and drawbacks, but used together they are fully capable of opening the doors to the city to tourists, travelers and residents alike. Make sure to do your own research on schedules and fees if you are planning to visit Toronto.